we are entering our 27th season with change, our founder and my father Doug passed away in August of 2015, entrusting me to carry on the BUSINESS he loved so much. he leaves big shoes to fill! i intend to keep to the same principals that have made my father so SUCCESSFUL and more importantly, respected for so many years. 

 many of you know that we no longer have a retail location. we are now in orient beach state park. we still deliver to the home for 2 days or longer, and have once again added tours as well as lessons. any information you need can be found here on our website and any questions please give me a call anytime (631)-765-3502. 

we here at eagle's neck would like to thank our customers for there years of CONTINUED support, you have become lifelong friends.                                                                                                         

                                                 -Happy Paddling